About us

Declassified UK is the leading media organisation uncovering the UK’s role in the world.

We investigate Britain’s military and intelligence agencies, its most powerful corporations and its impact on human rights and the environment.

We tell the truth about the UK’s global footprint – a public service that is not provided anywhere else.

This is what makes us unique – the UK’s traditional media is increasingly acting as part of the establishment, failing to report independently and critically on Britain’s policies around the world.

By contrast, Declassified UK is independent, relying on the public and trusts & foundations for our finances, and beholden to no-one.

Our journalism informs British citizens what is being done in their name and challenges the establishment in the interests of the public, penetrating Britain’s secret state.

With trust in journalists at an all-time low, and in an era of fake news, our approach is rigorous and based on evidence. We are specialists in the issues we write about – our staff have published six books about British foreign policy.

Our reports focus on pressing current issues but we also uncover historical secrets, by investigating declassified files at the National Archives in London.

Declassified’s investigations are read well beyond the UK—in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the US where UK foreign policy is often influential.

Our revelations have included:

  • UK troops are secretly operating in Yemen
  • MI5 and MI6 are training senior spies from numerous repressive regimes
  • UK military sector produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 60 individual countries
  • UK support for a coup in Bolivia
  • How the British media is misinforming the public about the UK’s role in the world
  • The UK backs most of the world’s repressive regimes


Our goal is to tell the truth about the UK’s role in the world, providing a public information service.

We want people to be better informed so they can press for ethical British policies abroad and democratic decision-making in the UK. 

  • Our journalism is based on promoting key values and is rooted in enhancing human rights, democracy, government transparency, international and domestic law, a free media, free speech, and combating climate change.
  • We are a non-profit organisation and have no party political affiliation. 
  • Our work is rigorous and well-documented, and goes through careful editing processes
  • We do not collaborate with the UK’s ‘mainstream’ media, but challenge their narrative and work with other independent organisations to promote media reform in the UK.

We believe in accountability and have a board and advisory group who help ensure Declassified is run optimally and can always improve how we work.