Hall of shame: Over 500 MPs back Israel’s bombing of Gaza

Only 96 MPs in Westminster have supported a parliamentary motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza as of 9 November.

8 November 2023

MP’s observe a minute’s silence in recognition of those who lost their lives through conflict in Israel and Gaza, 20 October 2023. (Credit - UK Parliament Flickr)

A parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) brought by Labour MP Richard Burgon on 7th November has secured 96 signatories – just 15% of the UK’s 650 MPs. A first EDM, brought on 17 October, was signed by 95 MPs.

The EDM condemns the Hamas attacks on Israel and Israel’s siege of Gaza, and calls for the release of Hamas hostages and an immediate ceasefire. 

Some other MPs have expressed support for a ceasefire but have not signed the EDM. As of 9 November, we are aware of around 25 such MPs, mainly from the Labour party. 

After a month of bombing, other MPs, numbering over 500, have, as far as we are aware, not called for a ceasefire and support Israel’s ongoing campaign in Gaza. This amounts to around 80% of MPs.

The Palestinian death toll has now surpassed 10,000, mostly women and children, amid United Nations agencies all calling for a ceasefire.  

Amnesty International has documented “indiscriminate” attacks on civilians, and a team of UN experts has said Israel’s campaign in Gaza involves “crimes against humanity”. A senior UN human rights official has declared: “We are seeing a genocide unfolding before our eyes”.

MPs who have signed EDM 1, as at 9 November

This article has been corrected from the original version published on 8 November to reflect a number of MPs who have called for a ceasefire but not signed the Early Day Motion.